Trendy Christmas Trees to Spruce Up Your Christmas 🎄

Hey there, Merry Christmas enthusiasts! 🎄

Looking to rock your festive decor game this year? Well, you're in for a real treat! Let's dive into the wonderful world of Christmas trees and explore some of the coolest options you can find at Rainfords. 


1. Nordmann Fir

Ah, the classic Nordmann Fir! This beauty is the most popular choice among Brits and for good reason. With its lush, glossy green needles that are gentle to the touch (and won't leave you itching like that tacky Christmas jumper), the Nordmann Fir exudes elegance and charm. Its symmetrical shape makes it a breeze to decorate, and you'll be dancing around it as you string up those twinkling fairy lights.


- Soft, non-shedding needles.

- Excellent needle retention, so your tree will last throughout the season.

- Gorgeous, full shape for a grand Christmas centrepiece.


- Might cost a bit more than other options.

- Less of that classic pine fragrance compared to some other trees.


2. Blue Spruce

For all the trendsetters out there, say hello to the Blue Spruce! 🌲 If you're a fan of uniqueness and crave a tree with a twist, this one's for you. Its bluish-green needles give it an otherworldly vibe that can instantly elevate your Christmas decor game. The Blue Spruce is like the eccentric aunt at the Christmas party – it stands out, but everyone loves it!


- A striking blue-green colour that makes a bold statement.

- Sturdy branches, perfect for showcasing heavier ornaments.

- Unique and eye-catching appearance.


- Sharp needles, so you might want to handle it with care.

- Needle retention can be a bit temperamental, so stay on top of watering.


3. Fraser Fir

Oh, the Fraser Fir – a true crowd-pleaser and an all-time favourite among Christmas tree enthusiasts! 🌟 With its delightful fragrance that fills the room, this tree brings a touch of the great outdoors right into your living space. Its slender pyramid shape gives you plenty of room to showcase your cherished ornaments and unleash your decorating prowess.


- Pleasant fragrance that embodies the festive spirit.

- Neat, compact shape, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

- Lovely, soft needles that are easy on the fingers.

- Good needle retention, but remember to water!


- Its branches might be a bit delicate, so avoid going overboard with heavy decorations.


4. Norway Spruce

Alright, let's give a shout-out to the OG, the classic, the legendary Norway Spruce! 🌲🎉 If you're all about nostalgia and traditional Christmas vibes, this iconic tree is the way to go. Sure, it might shed a few needles here and there, but who doesn't love that authentic pine scent filling the air? Embrace the timeless beauty of the Norway Spruce and let the festive spirit take over!


- A true classic that evokes the essence of Christmas.

- Affordable and widely available.

- Ideal for those who love the authentic pine fragrance.


- Notorious for shedding needles, so be prepared for a bit of cleanup.

- Branches might not be as sturdy, so go easy on the heavier decorations.


Now that you've got the lowdown on these fabulous Christmas tree options, it's time to pick the one that speaks to your festive soul. Whether you opt for the trendy Blue Spruce or the timeless charm of the Norway Spruce, remember to add your personal flair with dazzling ornaments and twinkling lights. Happy decorating, and have a holly, jolly Christmas! 🎅🎁🎉